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WS The Handled Collar

WS The Handled Collar


This collar style is popular among sports dogs, especially flyball and dock diving! It is also helpful in situations where you need quick control of your dog! 

With this style, sizing is helpful to determine where the handle should be placed, which is why we are not offering our regular sizing options! We base the size of the collar on the measurement around your dog's neck in inches! If there are any questions about sizing, refer to our FAQ page or send us an email! 


  • What is it made of?

     This is made from genuine BioThane®️ material. It is a stronger alternative to leather and is made from PVC-coated Polyester webbing, which gives our products their strength and durability. 

    All of our gear are waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-resistant!

    See our FAQ for BioThane care tips! 

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