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Traffic Handle

Traffic Handle


This is made to clip to your dog's collar while they are running around, so you have an easy-to-grab handle when you need to have your dog close. Use in conjunction with another leash or on its own! Our Traffic handles have a floating O-ring, so a leash can be quickly attached and give you an extra handle close to your dog!

Great for off-leash areas!

These are made with 5/8" BioThane®️

  • What is it made of?

     This is made from genuine BioThane®️ material. It is a stronger alternative to leather and is made from PVC-coated Polyester webbing, which gives our products their strength and durability. 

    All of our gear are waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-resistant!

    See our FAQ for BioThane care tips! 

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